Welcome, Everyone.

gravatar_2016_3For myself writing and art are like guitar frets.  There’s an unlimited amount of arrangements available—hence the diversity of music in our lifetime alone, never mind how it has evolved since its beginnings.  Sometimes I just look around—while hiking in the forest, drinking coffee in my backyard, sitting at my laptop or wherever.  I’ll shrink myself and watch normal trees, a dog’s water dish, even a jar of pens and hi-liters.  They might start looking like serpentlords or seafortresses or frightful minarets.   That looks cool.  I can use that somewhere.

Now… something’s on the canvas.  It reminds me of my early acrylic painting days.  When I had no subject matter in mind, I would simply smear colors everywhere onto a blank canvas.  Oftentimes the effects alone would unfold into a story… or picture… of sorts.  Hey!  Abstract will do for now. Just keep doodling.    Thanx for sharing my mind’s eye and for visiting my blog.

Have a wonderful day!

By the way, my name is Arthur loujen haxm’Yor is my pen name as a writer and artist.  My wife, Jenny, is an  anthropologist.  She  has collaborated with me on self-help articles.  We currently reside in Spring Valley, California.


The artworks on this post are composites of my sketches, acrylic and oil paintings, photography, and various art and camera softwares.


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